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Having the chance to give back to our military veterans and their families is a privilege. For more than 30 years Oklahoma American Veterans News has worked to honor military members and their families.

It's about Giving Back

Oklahoma American Veterans News (OAVN) was formed to get the community involved in helping veterans.

The Carillon Bell Tower at the Ft. Gibson cemetery was dedicated November 16, 1985 and the Carillon Bell Tower in Ft. Smith, AR on November 11, 1986.  

The Carillon Bell Tower is an effort to show homage and thanks to these fellow comrades who helped preserve freedom and provided a future for those who remain.


OAVN has been recognized for both integrity and the ability to raise funds quickly for a project. The Carillon Tower project took Oklahoma American Veterans News (OAVN) only nine months after the fundraising efforts began.
Oklahoma American Veterans News depends on the generosity of individuals in the community, like yourself, to help deserving folks. Since the 1980s, thousands of people in the community have been helped.
OAVN makes every dime from donations count, by watching sales and using coupons to keep down the cost. By having no paid staff (only volunteers) here is a partial list of some of our past projects we were able to proudly stretch money to cover:
  • Clothing for veterans in the Muskogee and Norman VA hospitals
  • Cases of underwear (briefs) for both men and women -tee shirts, slipper socks (both regular and for diabetics. Sweat suits (which are warmer than thin pajamas, especially while the Veterans are doing their therapy.)
  • Lap blankets for wheel chairs
  • Personal care item care packages to the Jack C. Montgomery Hospital included -shaving items, such as disposable razors, shaving cream, deodorant, body wash, shampoo (trial sizes), toothpaste, toothbrush, baby powder, hand and body lotions, lip balm, denture adhesive, hair brushes, pocket combs, emery boards, nail clippers etc. (Some Veterans are admitted to the hospital with nothing-- not even a toothbrush.Others are there for so long they begin to run out of products they brought with them.)
  • Pillows to help alleviate back pain of Veterans
  • Wrist warmers for homeless vets
  • Fleece muffler and long johns purchased for one who was walking to work in the freezing cold.
  • Get well/thank you greeting cards for meal trays
  • Blankets for the VA Behavior Modification unit in Tulsa
  • Veterans Day thank you bags
  • Veteran fire victim
  • Items for a struggling vet to help him get back on his feet
  • Valentines for Vets. (Vets have taught us that their spouse is very important to them so we try to honor the widows of Vets as a tribute to the Vet.)
  • Small fabric drawstring gift bags to Meals on Wheels for Christmas, Valentines and Easter to reach veterans and widows of Vets
  • Coupons were collected and mailed to military bases overseas for several years until we were asked to hold off for awhile.
  • Fabric bags donated to St. Catherines School so the children can fill for Veterans in Claremore Veterans Home
  • Dot's Christmas store project, has for several years, provided Christmas gifts to hospitalized Vets, who were unable to get out of bed to shop for Christmas gifts, for their loved ones.
  • Christmas gifts provided to Veterans at Claremore, OK to give to their loved ones
  • Bell Towers- Fort Gibson (OK) National Cemetery
  • Bell Towers- Fort Smith (AR) National Cemetery
  • Continued support of organizations transporting veterans for medical appointments.
  • Avenue of flags at a Veterans Nursing Home
  • Ice Cream machines in Veterans Nursing home
  • Screened Pavilion at Veterans Nursing Home
  • National Veterans Wheelchair Games
  • Veterans Golden Age Games
  • Jane Brooks School for the Deaf
  • Park View School for Blind- Play Ground
  • Special Olympics
  • Wheelchair Basketball games
  • Cherokee Nation Food Drive (Okmulgee, OK)
    Food Drives (Muskogee, Tulsa, Okmulgee, Sulphur, Ardmore, Talihina & Sulphur)
  • Commercial popcorn machine and cases of popcorn donated to the Ernest C. Childers Clinic in Tulsa
  • Annual Salute to Veterans Valentine's Day for Veterans
  • Refreshments for dignitaries at the Veterans Hospital at the request of the VA/VS director.
  • Stocking type caps for the Veterans in the hospital at the request of a nurse for Vets who are very frail and don't have much hair as they get so cold.
  • Body wash for patients when we learned that the nurses aids were paying for it out of their own pocket. We delivered several cases and continue to send body wash.
  • Motorized wheel chairs (both 3 and 4 wheel) donated by the families of Veterans for Vets whose request for one was denied by the VA
  • Books, movies, magazines, playing cards and puzzle books (Crossword, Suduko, Find-A-Word, etc.) to help pass the time at the VA hospital 
  • Phone cards for those without a cell phone who want to stay in touch with family.
  • Delivered boxes of food to several veterans for their family
  • Honored the widowed left behind, on Valentine's day. 2013,2014,2015, 2016...Dinner, gifts, balloon release
  • Easter-Bags sent out to Veterans and their widowed spouses, via Meals on Wheels
  •  Memorial Day Balloon Release
Your donation to Oklahoma American Veterans News, (OAVN) can help a Veteran who might need might a bus ticket to the hospital, provide a meal for an outpatient who doesn't have the funds, or personal care items at the VA hospital.
Veterans have shared with us how important their spouse is to them.  Join us as we launch a new project to honor Veterans by honoring their widowed spouse when the Veteran is no longer with us.
This article explains why it is so important to reach out to the widowed spouse: acts of kindness

  • $1,000 to American Legion, Cushing OK to help rebuild  after earthquake
  • Christmas Bags for Jack C. Montgomery Hospital
  • Toiletry bags for Homeless Vets
  • Christmas bags for kids
  • Magazines for Ernest ChildersVA Clinic
  • Christmas gifts for widows of Vets
  • Small gift otems for Veterans widowed at three Senior Citizens Centers, including colorng books for grownups (for stress)
  • Care items  & sweats for Veterans in Hospital 2017
  • Three trucks of supplies for Hurricane Harvey victims, including Haz-Mat gloves
  • Individaul personal care packages for hurricane victims.
  • Disaster blanketsfor paramedics
  • Children's camp items
  • Fleece blankets and stocking beanies for homeless Vets 2016 and 2017
  • Fleece sleep pants for Vets and CuddleDuds for lady Vets.
  • Benefit fundraiser for family of hospitalized child
  • Benefit fundraiser for local man in community 
  • Valentines Dance and Dinner for Widowed
  • Balloon release for widowed with keepsake hearts. 








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