A Heart for the Widowed Inspired by Veterans

Honoring Veterans Requests 

"A Heart for the Widowed" is a grass roots project, inspired by military Veterans who desired that their widowed not be forgotten.

One of the simplest things we can do to honor our Vets is to remember those who stood by them, as they served our country.

Losing her husband has been the most stressful thing she has ever been through. Determined to not be a burden she declined all assistance from family, friends and her pastor, insisting that  she was fine. Believing that she must be alright, the offers soon stopped.    

Now realing how hard this journey is to try to do it alone, she is desperately worried, yet suffers in silence. Feeling forgotten, she is depressed

Her husband had been able to fix everything around the house, saving them money so they could live on their small income.Her monthly income was cut in half when his Social Security check stopped, yet the utility and other bills did not go down and some continue to increase. 
Trying to make her food last in order to have enough money to buy her medicine, what she eats is less than nutritious and she is often hungry.  
She isn't even sure how to find a trusted service person, who will treat her fairly.     
She wishes she had someone to talk to but only another widow can truly understand.
widow only group where widows can connect with each other, receive sound advice and direction to trusted service people would be a great comfort.

She prays for wisdom and strength so she can be a blessing to other widows.

Everyone has problems and learning to share them is essential. Hiding pain
requires an enormous amount of energy; sharing it is liberating.
                                                                                                 ~ Carly Simon 
 If you or someone you know would like to join us in honoring veterans please contact Henry Hall 918 231-8313 
email: henryhall@gmail.com

Anniversaries, birthdays and holidays can be among the toughest days of the year for one who is widowed. 


Celebrating the life of a loved one, by creating new traditions, we become aware that life does not end with the passing of those we love. 


Annual celebrations keep his or her memory alive as friends and family
realize it is ok to talk openly, and often, about our beloved. Fond
memories, as seen from the eyes of others and shared, are treasures
that warm the heart. 


As we emulate the positive traits of our loved one we realize that they are a part of who we have become and their spirit is with us wherever we are. We find comfort, healing and hope which strengthens us to move forward. 


A grateful heart, now more deeply aware of what is truly important
in life reaches out to others who are hurting. Beautifully and simply,
we honor our beloved by continuing their legacy.


Our loved ones are immortalized if they are not forgotten; dying only when they are no longer remembered, their name no longer spoken.


They live on when those who love them do something in their honor, to impact the lives of even those they never knew....and they continue to be a part of changing the world.


  For it is in giving that we receive... - St Francis of Assisi